The Soul Reflection Cosmic Energy Oracle Deck

The Soul Reflection Cosmic Energy Oracle Deck

Price: $77.00

  • 61 card deck
  • Casino-quality
  • Black core
  • Linen finish
  • Easily shuffle and slide
  • Large Size (3.5" X 5")

This 61 card deck is based on the Cosmic energy of our galaxy. The Planets, Stars, and cosmic energies have sway over our daily lives. The Ancient Egyptians tuned into the Cosmic Energy of the Universe for Magick, Rituals, and Planetary Healings. The Soul Reflection’s Cosmic Energy Oracle brings forth those galactic energies. Let it be a tool to helping you to connect to the energies of the Moon, Planets, Fixed Stars, Comets, Meteorites, Black Holes, and Supernovas to enlighten, heal, and support you on your Spiritual Journey.

The Cosmic Energy Oracle has five sections: Moon Healing, Astrology Planets, Fixed Stars, Western Zodiac, and Egyptian Astrology. Each section may be an indication of a time frame. All cards have key metaphysical meanings to allow you to use as a straight oracle deck. You may also split the cards up into their sections to do more in-depth readings.

Full Moon Emergies, can be used to do Shadow work or inner healing.

Constellations and Fixed Stars that are associated with Starseeds.

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