What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are one soul, split in half and incarnated in two separate bodies. One half holds The Divine Feminine Energy, and the other half contains The Divine Masculine Energy. Sometimes Twin Flames will swap energies as both souls can embody the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy. Twin Flames are known as the Yin and Yang of one shared soul.

A Twin Flame Journey will be a lot of work. When you first come in contact with your Twin Flame, you will notice your intuition is heightened. It will take work, but once you find Balance, your Spiritual Connection to the Divine will be stronger.

Twin Flame connections are about spiritual awakening, transformation, spiritual growth, and ultimately becoming a spiritual teacher or Light Worker.

This section of the site brings you information about Twin Flame connections. Please know that you are not alone in how you feel. We will be building the website out in more in-depth ways to develop your Spiritual Connection and ways to help keep you in line with your own Divine Power.

Thank you for visiting the site. May you find Love and Light on your Twin Flame Journey.

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