Twin Flame Symbolism

Sign and Symbols are everywhere. Some may come through in numbers. Others may come through as Animal symbols. And sometimes they may come through with the symbols listed below. You may also find these symbols on Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards:

Infinity Symbol: represent limitless, forever, unbounded, universal love.

Soul Reflection Double Infinity Symbols: represents the limitless love being sent (As Above, So Below/So Below, As Above). Each Twins’ higher self exists on a higher plane (usually connecting on the 5D). They share an unbreakable, unlimited love. Both Twins’ Higher Self sends love down to each twins’ 3D Self, to heal and feel the unlimited love within the 3D connection (As above, So Below). In return, your 3D self needs to keep the faith in your higher selves, sending unconditional love to both 5D selves as you raise your spirit and balance within (So below, as above). The dual infinity symbols represent two commitments/bonds, (the Love that is As Above - 5D, and the Love that is Below 3D) coming together in unity - the heart represents the unlimited love you share as you honor and reunite in both dimensions.

Yin Yang Symbol: represents the universal divine, showing the Spirit/Mind (in the dots) and the Body (white = Masculine, Black = Feminine) in balance. The Ying Yang can also symbolize the Sun (the Masculine) and The Moon (the Feminine) coming together as one, supporting life.

The Caduceus: represents divine healing, divine enlightenment, and divine protection. The snakes - one is feminine, the other is masculine, and are intertwined as they divinely rise to enlightenment. Snakes shed their skins as they continue to grow and transform. Also a symbol of ArchAngel Raphael. He is the patron Saint of Twin Flames; he’s the one who sends you the divine signs though numbers (license plate numbers, phone numbers, etc) AA Raphael heals with the Green Flame and wants to see you succeed on your mission.

Six Pointed Star (aka Sexagram (Latin), Hexagram (Greek) or Star of David): “As Above, So Below/So Below, As Above” symbol as the two triangles represent the Higher Self coming down into 3D earth, and the 3D body connecting to the Higher Cosmic levels. The Circle around represents the Unity and connection. In alchemy, the six pointed star is a mixture of symbols; Masculine (Fire and Air) and Feminine (Water and Earth) , coming together in perfect balance and harmony.

Ankh: The top part represents the Female and lower part, the Male. They have come together in eternal life.

Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus - represents the Sun (Masculine Divine) and the Moon (Feminine Divine). Coming together, they represent the “all seeing eyes” - the all divine knowledge. Some see this as the Unity between Twin Flames.

SACRED GEOMETRY: The Vesica Piscis represents the sacred union of Heaven and Earth. It can be Heaven and Earth coming together in “Mystic connections” (Soul and Spirit). The circle represents feminine and the square represents masculine.

Shooting Stars: We have all heard the saying “to wish upon a falling star.” While making a wish on a shooting star isn’t necessary about the wish coming true, the original meaning behind the saying was about the Universe sending you a sign. When this happens, take a few seconds to connect and listen to what your heart is telling you. Find peace in this magnificent sign that the Universe created for you to see.

The Big Dipper Star Constellation: There are 7 stars that make up this constellation. They represent the “Seven Sisters” or the “Seven Wonders.” It is also where the StarSeeds gathered before they split their souls in two to come to Earth through Atlantis. This is the last time the Souls were truly one. The big dipper can represent accession and unity is coming.

TREES: represents the physical & spiritual nourishment, transformation, union, and fertility.

- Oak Tree = strength, cosmic wisdom, courage

- Hazelnut Tree = abundance & love

- Maple Tree = balance

- Cedar Tree = healing

- Palm Tree = peace & harmony

- Elm Tree = intuition & inner strength

- Birch Trees = new beginning & renewal

- Wisteria Tree = romance

- Cherry Tree = love & romance

- Red Wood = forever

- Fir Tree = springtime & growth

- Wild Rose Tree = love & admiration

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