Twin Flame Numbers:

Do you see repeat numbers all the time? What does it mean? Some say it’s ArchAngel Raphael, the patron angel of Twin Flames, is sending you a message. Below are a few interpretations of what those numbers may mean:

7 - It’s the symbol of ascension. Things can manifest at this time. If you have been talking with your Twin Flame and the number 7 continues to come up, it’s a great sign that an ascension is near.

8 - The Infinity Symbol turned on its side is 8. This represents the eternal love that is shared between Twin Flames, and the never-ending journey back to each other.

9 - Is the sign of the Phoenix. You too can rise from these ashes, beautifully and soar to new heights. When the number 9 keeps coming up, it wants you to destroy all that holds you in low vibration, release and let go of past trauma, and forgive yourself so you can once again feel whole and in control of your emotions.

13 - Are you going through a hard time right now within your Twin Flame Journey and have asked the Universe to intervene? 13 means that the Universe has heard you and is stepping in to help you heal. If you are at the receiving end of rejections, the Universe wants you to know to hang in there. DON’T GIVE UP! You need to trust in your intuition at this time.

88 - Keep love in your heart. The hard work you have put in will soon pay off. There is alot of hope and promise in your future.

111 - Thoughts are manifesting as you embark on your Spiritual Awakening. Twin Flames are in balance.

112 - Be ready to give and be open to receive Love. You are divinely guided now and the universe is doing everything in its power to give you the love and peace you desire.

212 - Believe in the Power of Love. You need to keep your heart open to love and open to be loved. If you're going through a rough patch, remember to stay optimistic and faithful as love can conquer all.

222 - You must listen to your heart and keep the faith. You need to release any lower vibrations in order to connect on a higher plane. Remember that both your Souls were born with a Divine Plan.

313 - It’s time to go find your Twin Flame!!! Together, it brings happiness, joy, enlightenment, enlightenment, and fulfillment into your life. If they are in your life - be sure you are giving them your attention. When no one else would stand by you, your TWIN was there!!!

333 - You are being divinely guided. They want you to know that you are on the right path and the divine plan is going well. Keep healing!

414 - Is about patience. You may choose to stay and weather a storm together. This relationship is built to last. It may also indicate that you need to love your Twin and have patience with their flaws, shortcomings, and to remember to love all of who they are.

422 - Keep the faith and devotion to your Twin. Work on your balance and inner peace. You are being divinely guided and they want you to shine.

424 - This is the message of hope, love and encouragement. Now is the time to make the first move. If in union, then it’s encouraging you to take the next step.

444 - At least one twin is on their correct journey to Spiritual enlightenment. It may represent the responsibility and practicality of a soul contract. One twin is working to turn dreams and goals into reality. Also symbolized protection of the soul contract.

555 - Joy and Happiness can be manifested at this time.

606 - Divine Guidance wants you to remain happy and peaceful with your Twin Flame. They want you to believe, trust, and put confidence in your Twin. Don’t look at your past, believe in your present as you trust in the love waiting in your future.

616 - Breath. Your angels are helping you to clear and heal any anxieties, concerns, and limiting belief-patterns. You have the ability to create your own luck. Keep thoughts positive.

666 - Baby steps might be needed at this time. There may be healing from childhood trauma needed. You can help nurture your twin’s inner child as it heals. Be gentle and kind at this time!

707 - Raise your vibrations! Twin Flames are mirroring and have a shared consciousness. You will need to stay positive at this time.

777 - The Universe is behind you on your Twin Flame Journey and is rooting for you to succeed! Watch for the signs from your Spirit Guides!

888 - There is hope and healing coming into your Twin Flame relationship. There will be forgiveness and light being sent. If you continue to see “888” - the problems within your Twin Flame relationship will soon come to an end.

909 - A big change is on the way. A breakthrough that you need is coming. Luck is on your side, so don’t fear the change. Be patient and kind with yourself. Spending time with loved ones will bring you the strength and support that is needed. Change = Growth.

999 - Significant change is on the way. Pay attention to the journey you are on. It could indicate that a separation is soon on its way out as the runner may stop. A karmic relationship may be coming to an ending and it will bring you closer. Or the Twin Flame Journey may need time apart or will be ascending together.

1010 - It’s an end and a new beginning as the opening of hearts and minds to be received.

1011 - You are exactly where you are supposed to be and a heading in the right direction. 1011 holds the promise of love, peace, and hope. Be ready to accept change as it will bring you much happiness, joy and love in your life. Change for the better is coming.

1212 - Twin Flames are in balance! The Universe is working behind the scene. A change is coming. Look for new opportunities that the Universe will be sending. Now is the time to manifest your dreams.

1221 - Your Twin Flame is near and almost in front of you. You must open your heart and soul. You must believe in yourself! They may not recognize you if your heart is not open.

1234 - You may have felt stuck in a pre-twin world, but now you may have met your Twin and you must face this head-on. A direct translation of “1234” regarding love: “1 thing, 2 say, 3 words, 4You” (aka- “I LOVE YOU” in shorthand) :-) Numbers in sequence also signifies that you are counting as you embark on your journey. Things are in order as they should be.

2222 - There is much work for you and your Twin as you are finding balance. This is the time to forgive yourself and others as well. You need to find peace. The core of your Soul needs balance and order to move forward. You Twin may be awakening.

7777 - The Universe wants you to remain happy, content and peaceful within your Twin Flame Journey. Things will manifest quickly. You will feel a soul connection with your Twin.

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