Signs Of Twin Flames in Card Divination

While reading Tarot, there may be several signs of a divine love connection; this may indicate a Soul Mate or Twin Flame. You have to look to the surrounding cards for clarification. They may show you that you will be meeting or will start a relationship with a new divine partner, or are in a relationship with your Twin/SoulMate and are building your divine connection and family.



Emperor/Empress: Can represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

2 of Cups (Shows Divine love connection. In some decks, it depicts Divine Twin Flame Love)

2 of Coins (Possibly Balancing the Divine Love on the 3D and 5D worlds)

4 of Wands (Possibly The 11:11 Gate into Twin Flame relationship - show new starts - new relationship or possible new chapter in life as it comes into unity or marriage. Also may indicate Divine messages into a new start.)

Lovers (Could indicate divine love and or magnetic cosmic/universe attraction. Look closer at each cards’ imagery for more clues on what type of love is coming.)


Magician (Could represent the Universe at work, manifesting love on a divine connection.)

High Priestess (Wisdom of the Universe, Intuition leads you to your love and divine plan of your divine love)

Wheel of Fortune (Love readings, possible Universal Matchmaking going on in the background)

Ten of Cups (May show a Soulful family, union, happiness, joy, togetherness as one)

King/Queen together (May represent a couple - esp around Lovers. If around 2 of Cups - Twin Flame couple)

Court Cards together (May indicate a couple, if cards above are near. May represent emotional maturity.)

3 of Coins (possible coming Union - the two come together as one spiritual connection)

3 of Cups (possible third person in the relationship)

3 of Cups (sometimes shows a karmic or 3rd party is involved)

6 of Cups (possible past memories or past lives together. Also healing child wounds through Twin Flame healings)

The Star with Lovers or Two of Cups (Deep Love connection, Cosmic or Divine Love)

Hierophant with Lovers (possible Union coming)

Hierophant, Justice and Lovers (Possible marriage, union, proposal is coming)

Hierophant, Justice and Two of Cups (Possible marriage, union or proposal is coming)

The Sun and The Moon (Side by side, represents Masculine and Feminine energies - ying yan connection. May indicate what is hidden will bring joy or that hidden truths (from within) need to be expressed to find joy.)

Justice (Balance with The World, High Priestess or Star - may represent Divine Balance)

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