Where does Twin Flame Theory come from?

Some believe Twin Flames come from Greek mythology. The myth states: that when humans were first formed, they had 2 heads, 4 arms, 4 hands, 4 legs, 4 feet, and possessed both sexes (female and male). To punish humans, Zeus decided to split them in half. Zeus damned them to live infinitely in two separate bodies, each possessing half a Soul, and leaving each Twin feeling incomplete. They would always be in search of their Soul’s other half. Some say it takes many different incarnations on earth, (sometimes thousands of years) for them to reunite.

An even older theory on Twin Flames exists, that takes a metaphysical healing approach. In this theory, Twin Flames were originally Starseeds (Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and Indigo Children) that came to earth with a divine mission to heal the planet.

Starseed Souls vibrate at a very high vibration. In order to become “human”, they had to split their Soul/Vibration in two. This allowed the human body to not burn out from their high frequencies. When they came to Earth, they lived in the 5D world of Atlantis. Twin Flames were reunited at birth and worked together their entire life, towards their divine mission to spread love and light to Planet Earth.

When Atlantis fell, an energy virus had spread across their once peaceful continent. This led to destruction and war. Twin Flames were separated from each other for the first time. Some were killed. Others fled through a portal (created by high priestesses) and “fell” to the 3D earth. Twin Flames had their Divine Connection weakened. Their empathic souls absorbed horrible negativity. Many Twins have past life traumas of abandonment, abuse, betrayal, loss and control issues, (stemming from that War on Atlantis) that are still felt today.

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