Signs That You Are Twin Flames:

Your intuition about each other is spot on (like you have never experienced before). When you come into attunement with the heart energy, you will intuitively know how your twin flame is doing, where they are at a given time, and how they are doing. You may feel a telepathic connection at certain times. Your empathic connection is strong, where their feelings greatly affect you (and vise versa - they affect you too).

Mutual interests are uncanny. You both discover that you share many mutual interests and are shocked at how much you have in common. This will also lead to easy but in-depth conversations as you are connected on a deeper level of conscience. Your passions and emotions will also match one another.

The Incredible magnetic pull towards each other. This is not just a sexual attraction towards one another, but it runs deeper on an emotional, soulful level. You find yourself wanting to constantly touch their arm, hand, etc (not in a sexual way, but rather in a supportive way). You will also notice that when you're together, your soul is grounded, and has a peaceful humming vibration. Some refer to this as it feels like “home.”

Twins will Dream Walk in each other’s dreams. We astral project at night into an alternative “dream world” and during this state, your souls will find one another to communicate. When this happens, you both share the same exact dream and remember the same exact details. This phenomenon is more than a mere coincidence. If you wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed, then you probably were Dream Walking (or visited by a Dream Walker).

Connecting on the same wavelength. This is the point in your Twin Flame connection, where your souls are attuning and you can understand each other by simple glances at one another. No words are necessary. This will come in handy when talking is not allowed, but just a simple smile says it all.

You can be vulnerable around one another. This is not always easy because of your past experiences. But when you finally open up about your hidden struggles and deepest secrets, you are met with nothing but unconditional love. You know you have a “safe” place to allow your walls to come down. Their love will make you feel lighter, happier, and will allow your mind to have a sense of peace. You know that you can be your true authentic self around each other.

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