The Soul Reflection Manifesting Love Oracle Card

The Soul Reflection Manifesting Love Oracle Cards

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  • 54 card deck
  • Casino-quality cards
  • Black core
  • Linen finish
  • Easily shuffle and slide
  • Bridge Size (2.48"X3.46")

Thoughts, words, vibrations all are part of manifestation. The Soul Reflection's Manifesting Love Oracle Cards were created to help you manifest love into your life.

The deck has five categories: I wish, I hope, I dream, I want, and I know. Each section had thoughts that are manifesting. This can be used in Love readings to see what each person is wishing, hoping, dreaming, wanting, or knowing.

Some of the messages on the cards: I wish for love to change for the better... I dreams of you and it feels so real... I hope we can find our way again... I know it was always you!

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