The Soul Reflection Past Life Oracle Deck

The Soul Reflection Past Life Oracle Deck

Price: $44.00

  • 72 card deck
  • Casino-quality
  • Black core
  • Linen finish
  • Easily shuffle and slide
  • Bridge Size (2.48"X3.46")

This 72 card deck will help you tap into your Past Lives. Cards feature ancient civilizations of Atlantis, Lumeria, Starseed, Egypt, Mesopatamia, Mayan, Greece, Rome, and Polynesians to the Celtic, Druids, Vikings, Nordic lands to Americans, Oceana, Mediterranean and so many others. Were you an artist, pottery, farmer, blacksmith, painter, merchant, witer, soldier or knight? Were you born of Royality, Aristocartic bloodline, or Middle to Poor social class? Did you take a vow of oath, die in a battle, was betroth to another? Was you life happy or was their violence, betrayal, abandonment issues that carry on to your life today? So many questions and 72 cards to help you narrow these down.

Have you experienced unusual memories, weird sense of Déjà Vu, fears you can't quite explain? Or have passions that run so deep in your soul, you can't imagine living without it? These are signs of Past Life memories.

Find out what the cards can reveal about your Past Life?

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