The Soul Reflection Shadow Tarot Deck

The Soul Reflection Shadow Tarot Deck

Price: $44.00

  • 78 card deck
  • Casino-quality
  • Black core
  • Linen finish
  • Easily shuffle and slide
  • Tarot Size (2.75"X4.75")

The Soul Reflection Shadow Tarot Deck is a "Part 2" to our original deck. This deck can be used for working with your "the other side," your shadow side if you will. You may also be able to read these cards as you would a normal Tarot deck. It can be used similarly to the Rider/Waite/Smith deck.

The models are the same as our first deck and were picked for how they personally related to each card. There are gemstones worn by the models, that metaphysically relate to the cards meaning and there are animal spirit guides throughout the deck to help guide you on this journey. Each image shows a different side to the card, and are completely different images from our first deck.

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