The Soul Reflection's Twin Flame Messenger Oracle Deck

The Soul Reflection's Twin Flame Messenger 1 Oracle Deck

Price: $44.00

  • 54 card deck
  • Casino-quality cards
  • Black core
  • Linen finish
  • Easily shuffle and slide
  • Bridge Size (2.48"X3.46")

Being on a Twin Flame Journey can be one of the most complicated, frustrating, challenging and confusing relationships that one can have. You are not alone! Once in alignment and balance, a Twin Flame relationship can become one of the most enlightened, healing, loving, and purely beautiful experiences one can have.

The Twin Flame Messages were created to allow you to hear messages from your Higher Self and to hear messages from your Twin's Higher Self. Sometimes images help guide you during your journey and sometimes, you just need to see the words in front of you, so you know without a doubt what your message is. This Twin Flame Messenger Oracle deck series is focused on the words being spoken by both you and your Twin's higher self.

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